CA Solar Power Net Energy Metering Regulation Changes – Final Call Report Launch

With new regulations being launched at the beginning of 2022, the company has only a few months left to get customers set up with the older, more favorable rules. Any clients who have a solar system installed before the changes will be able to take advantage of the old regulations for up to 20 years.

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The last call for new installations will allow customers to fit into the Net Energy Metering 2.0 (NEM 2) classification under California law. This should provide them with several benefits over the new NEM 3 regulations, although the exact changes have not been determined yet.

NEM programs are common throughout many countries and allow clients with solar power installations to either reduce their energy bills or even get paid by selling their excess solar energy back to the grid. While the exact changes coming in January 2022 are not yet determined, it’s thought that they may cut the value of solar credits by up to 75%.

There have been several recommendations that could be included, most of which are not favorable to new solar customers – unless they have an existing system before the rules take effect. One example of this is new recurring fees for solar NEM clients which could cost them up to $100 each month, just to provide them with access to the program.

When the NEM program was updated to NEM 2.0, there was a smaller yet still significant decrease in the value of solar credits. Overall, the updates were considered to be reasonable, and of benefit to rooftop solar everywhere. Many clients worry that this time the changes will be different, as energy industry leaders tire of paying solar producers for their excess power.

With these changes coming soon, many new clients are getting ready to install solar panels on their homes in order to qualify for 20 years under the old regulations. As the People’s Choice for Best In The Desert solar provider, Option One Solar is facing higher than usual demand and recommends new clients get in contact soon while there’s still time.

A satisfied client said, “They worked with us explaining the entire process, and helped us design the perfect system for our needs. The crew was stellar and super-efficient and very personable. I would highly recommend them.”

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