Custom Mountain Bike Jerseys Australia – Short and Long Sleeve MTB Shirts Launch

When riding through rugged or off-road trails, it’s important to have the right equipment. The most important items for new and experienced riders alike are helmets, glasses, biker shorts, and a quality jersey. Champion System Australia’s new launch makes breathable jersey design more affordable for customers.

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With the new product launch, customers have access to a premium product for any event. Purpose-made cycling jerseys can improve performance on race day because they have moisture-wicking properties that allow the rider to dry more quickly.

Standard cotton shirts get saturated with sweat while the activity is taking place, whereas custom jerseys from Champion System Australia keep the rider cooler for longer, allowing them to focus on the race.

Made from exclusive CS AirLite fabric, the Trail Short Sleeve Jersey has flatlock seams and mesh sides for enhanced breathability. Customers can benefit from 100% UV-50 protection while riding.

With options available for men and women in both short and long-sleeve styles, Champion System Australia have created a popular jersey that can be fully customised based on customer needs, team branding, and more. Customers just have to click the “customise your outfit” button to begin the process, and the integrated design lab empowers them to create an eye-catching finished product.

The brand strives to ensure high levels of customer service throughout the ordering process. Additional focus is placed on flexibility, enabling teams to order a mixture of sizes, designs, and products. Customers have access to their own personal account, allowing them to manage all of their orders in one place.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Champion System is a global business that has proven results. We have delivered consistently in Australia for 10 years and internationally for over 12 years, and become the most respected custom manufacturers in the business. We can give you the quality service and product you are looking for.”

Champion System Australia is an Australian-owned company with a central office in Sydney. The company’s mission is to be known as the world’s leading custom sports apparel provider.

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