LM SKIN CENTRE The first batch of HydraFacial(TM) MD Elite in Hong Kong ~ Let the skin restore its fineness and luster

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Sep 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – LM SKIN CENTRE The first batch of HydraFacial MD Elite in Hong Kong ~ Let the skin restore its fineness and luster

The skin is under the pressure of makeup products and air pollution every day, which will easily accelerate the aging of the skin. If you want to keep your skin healthy and shiny, it is important to clean it regularly!

Earlier, I went to LM SKINCENTRE to introduce the eighth-generation HydraFacial MD Elite, which is also the first batch of HydraFacial MD Elite in Hong Kong. It uses advanced patented Vortex Technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, moisturize, and thoroughly enhance the skin. Quality, this treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. Make-up can be done immediately after completion, and the effect is remarkable.

LM SKINCENTRE is located in Wan Chai, the store is very clean and spacious, there is no feeling of oppression, very comfortable!

Except for the large reception area, each room is very large, and the bed is placed in the middle of the room, so even if you get on or off the bed, you will not be afraid of bumping into other objects. It is very intimate!

The new eighth-generation HydraFacial MD Elite uses patented technology to take non-abrasive facial youth repair to a whole new level, mainly for unique skin conditions, including wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, clogged or enlarged pores, Sun damage, and pigmentation can restore the skin to a youthful and healthy state.

Start the treatment, first the beautician will help me remove makeup and cleanse the skin, and then start the HydraFacial MD Elite skin rejuvenation treatment!

After a thorough cleansing, the therapist will use Active -4 Essence to remove dead skin cells from the skin, and then use the patented design tip. The tip is brand new, disposable, and very hygienic, and combined with the exclusive Beta-HD Hyaluronic Acid Serum uses painless suction to remove impurities from pores.

During the whole process, I didn’t feel much, I just felt that the spiral head sucked away the excess dirt from the pores on the skin, and the essence was injected into the skin at the same time as it was sucked, which can instantly replenish moisture to the skin, and it is more irritating. Low, even for me with sensitive skin.

After completion, the therapist will remove the residue on the skin, then apply essence and cream to complete the process. The whole process is very comfortable, I fell asleep unexpectedly, and the treatment time is fast, which is most suitable for busy people. Urban people clean their skin.

After finally completing the entire HydraFacial MD Elite skin rejuvenation treatment, you will see that the skin has an instant brightening effect. In the absence of pain, the dirt in the pores is also completely taken away, leaving the skin delicate and translucent with strong moisturizing power, Very satisfied!

And there is a large dressing room in the shop for everyone to tidy up before leaving the door. It is very intimate and the treatment process is very fast. Even if Lunchtime is carried out, it is more than enough. It is very suitable for busy urbanites to rescue their skin. I also take Lunchtime to go. After doing it, there is still time to eat a fast-food Tim! I hope this sharing can help everyone, let everyone work hard on skincare!


Treatment address: 16th Floor, 80 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Website: https://lmskincentre.com

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