Is TurboMerce Better Than Door Dash, Uber Eats, – Grub Hub?


Sandy Springs, Georgia Sep 18, 2021 ( – “Not in any way”, says the owner. “We are in no competition with these companies. In fact, our services are listed on these popular sites”, replied. “You can place your order through them if you are in the Roswell area. For all other areas place your order directly through the site”.

After conducting a full inspection of the business and counterparts associated with it I came to a firm conclusion. TurboMerce is a gas station, of sorts. Obsessed with not having to have direct interaction with customers during a pandemic, the owner expresses imminent need to have a contactless gas station.

What does this mean for the customer? “It means that everything offered at a gas station (including gas) can be delivered to you. We have delivery partners in several metro Atlanta areas. We even deliver cigarettes (21+), baby wipes, diapers, snacks, pillows, and several other items”, replied. “We deliver 24 hours out of the day. Gas (non diesel) is delivered from 7 AM until 10PM.

I’d suppose if you ran out of gas on the highway, if you were too lazy to get up in the morning, too drunk to go any where, disabled, or something like it TurboMerce would be great for you!

What else sets TurboMerce apart from any other gas station? “Our e commerce sets us apart from any other gas station. All of the orders are placed for delivery online. The customer is even emailed a receipt. To top it all off the delivery fee is just $1.99”, replied.

Could TurboMerce bring new jobs to the metro Atlanta areas? Could contactless gas stations become a thing? You just drive up, order items, and someone does all the work for you? Now that is what we call amazing!

If you’re a hotel, trucking company, industrial warehouse, or something like it you too may benefit from TurboMerce. Remember when you’re customers and staff are safe, so are you…

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