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  • ChotaBeta is INDIA’s FIRST Micro Local Market Place for on-demand Micro Local Delivery services, Headquartered in Hyderabad with a branch office in Bangalore.
  • ChotaBeta B2C segment is focused to cater the Indian Consumer market with the help of Indian MSME stores coined as ChotaBeta Exclusive stores established in the sectors of Consumable Goods, Pharmacy, Stationary, Florist, Pet Supplies and operating under the trade name of ChotaBeta and establish microlocal chain stores across India.
  • ChotaBeta modernizes the MSME stores to world-class standards and provides the necessary funding to ChotaBeta MSME to maintain the hygiene and quality to gain a competitive advantage over the established chains.
  • ChotaBeta delivers anything & anywhere with the delivery of its micro logistics fleet to its clients & customers of B2C, B2B & C2C segments.
  • The company got registered in July 2019 and started its operations in Feb 2020.

ChotaBeta Growth in Past 1.5 years

  • ChotaBeta has grown tremendously in the last year and catering to many B2B, B2C & C2C clients & customers.

ChotaBeta Key Milestones

  • 275+ B2B Clients & Growing Trusted by Future Group, Sneha Chicken, Ferns & Petals, Super Markets, Bakery Chains, Meat Marts, Restaurants & Many More.
  • 1,50,000+ Deliveries in the last year.
  • 60,000+ Deliveries in the last quarter with an average of 20,000 Deliveries/Month.
  • Seed Funded with the US $420K
  • 5 ChotaBeta Exclusive Stores and growing.

ChotaBeta Partner Clients

  • Organized Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME).
  • Unorganized Micro, Small Enterprises.
  • Women Entrepreneurs & Networking Business for B2B & C2C segment.

ChotaBeta Growth Strategy for Next 3 Years

  • By the end of FY 21-22 ChotaBeta expect to partner with 500 B2B stores and onboard 50 ChotaBeta Exclusive Stores by clocking 3 Lakhs orders with a Gross Revenue of USD $200K.
  • By the end of FY 22-23 ChotaBeta expect to partner with 2500 B2B stores and onboard 1000 ChotaBeta Exclusive Stores by clocking 1.2 Million orders with a Gross revenue of USD $1 Million.
  • By the end of FY 23-24 ChotaBeta expect to partner with 10000 B2B stores and onboard 5000 ChotaBeta Exclusive Stores by clocking 4 Million orders with a Gross revenue of USD $4 Million.
  • ChotaBeta is currently operating in 11 cities (Tier 1,2,3) across 3 states and planning to expand its operations to Kolkata, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Pune & Mumbai.

ChotaBeta Unit Economics

  • ChotaBeta current spend to earn ratio is 2.44 is to 1, that is ChotaBeta spending INR 2.44 Paisa to earn 1 Rupee and expect to bring down the burn by increasing the order volumes and technology upgradations.
  • ChotaBeta expects to be Break-Even by Nov 2022.

ChotaBeta Team

  • Srinivas, Santosh & Ananth are the co-founders of ChotaBeta with Santosh being the Chief Financial & Operating Officer at ChotaBeta.
  • ChotaBeta is seed funded by Infowiz Softech Pvt. Ltd & Individual Angel Investors from an e-Commerce background.

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