Costa del Sol Nightlife COVID Passport Andalusia Court Ruling Report Released

As Costa del Sol welcomes vacationers and partygoers from around the world, the new report in Living on the Costa outlines the reasons for the legal rejection of mandatory COVID-19 passports and how it affects those living in the Costa Del Sol and surrounding territories.

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Dedicated solely to the Costa Del Sol, Living on the Costa aims to provide news on events in the local area for residents and tourists planning a vacation to the region. The news website discusses tourism, the environment, culture, and sports and provides information about events in different communities within the Costa Del Sol, including Marbella, Manilva, Benahavis, and Casares.

The latest announcement aims to educate readers living or visiting the Costa Del Sol area on the need for a pandemic passport when accessing nightlife. The court judgment allows residents and tourists to access hospitality venues such as hotels, clubs, restaurants, and gyms without a COVID passport, despite various official proposals.

Judges in the region overturned officials trying to implement the passports, which would have made a large impact on popular tourist destinations within the Costa Del Sol. According to the new report, the reason provided by the Supreme Court was that “it was not well planned” and because it “may affect fundamental rights such as the right to personal privacy.”

Living on the Costa reports that the judgment echoed the one made in the Canary Islands and other communities including Galicia and Cantabria, which also claimed these pandemic passports to be an invasion of privacy. This allows residents and holidaymakers access to hospitality services without the need to prove they have been vaccinated against the virus.

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Living on the Costa is an online news source highlighting tourist and hyper-local news in the Costa del Sol. The website by Andalucia Realty, a Marbella-based real estate firm specializing in selling and marketing properties across the region.

Speaking of the decision, Living on the Costa states, “They had tried to apply it in the hotel and nightlife sector, but they clashed with their respective superior courts, being accepted only in the Balearic Islands, with one exception, only for residences for the elderly and access to large events.”

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