Missoula Eco-Friendly Pest Control Expert Non-Toxic Pesticide Treatment Updated

With the latest announcement, the pest extermination specialists at Shield Pest Defense aim to provide a high-quality, all-natural pest control service at an affordable price. The company offers a 90-day guarantee and will complete a respray free of charge should the first treatment be deemed ineffective.

More information can be accessed at: https://pestcontrolmissoula.us

Shield Pest Defense has updated its pest control treatments to meet the growing demand for safe, environmentally responsible extermination and pest control. The family-owned pest control company in Missoula has extensive knowledge of the local area and of the pests that thrive in Montana’s climate. This allows the company’s trained and experienced exterminators to provide efficient and dependable services that meet American and global standards.

Upon competition of the extermination process, Shield Pest Defense create a large perimeter around buildings to deter pests from returning, ensuring peace of mind for clients.

The 9-step extermination system utilizes organic, safe, and FDA-approved pesticide mixtures, providing clients with a non-toxic remedy to remove pests from residential or commercial properties. Shield Pest Defense employs a scientific approach to pest control that exclusively targets pests. The all-natural ingredients in the pesticides contain plant-based elements that do not harm humans or pets.

The poison-free technique can target pests such as cockroaches, spiders, bees, wasps, hornets, ants, termites, bedbugs, and rodents, providing a long-term solution. Shield Pest Defense offers annual service contracts if required to completely eradicate pests and protect properties from further infestation.

Regular treatments lower the possibility of damage to property structures and promote the general health and well-being of clients and their families.

Shield Pest Defense also offers seasonal treatments to combat recurring pest behavior patterns. For example, in Spring insects build nests and hunt for food. The company advises and provides preventative treatments that protect interiors and exteriors. Infestations peak in Summer as pests thrive in the warmer climate, so the company recommends re-establishing protection to keep pests out of the home. As the weather starts to change in Fall, insects start to seek warmer places, and in Winter insect activity inside the home can increase. Seasonal services by Shield Pest Defense target seasonal species and ensure complete removal.

Speaking of the service, customer Brandon Naasz states, “Quality service with a friendly smile. Haven’t seen bugs inside the house since we started our quarterly service 2 years ago.”

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