Entry-Level Yoga Classes – Flexibility/Strength Online Private Lessons Launched

Their new entry-level instruction is perfect for those who are just beginning their time on the mat and are seeking one-on-one guidance to facilitate their mastery of the core postures and practices of yoga.

More details can be found at https://jivayogaacademy.org/online-yoga

The launch of their online program coincides with the rising popularity of yoga across the globe, with research indicating that there are now 300 million global practitioners.

However, a 2021 US study revealed that 37% of participants said they had just started practicing the discipline, and a further 27% identified themselves as beginners.

Jive Yoga Academy understands that while more people than ever are interested in the restorative benefits of yoga, a vast majority of them are not well versed in the craft and, as such, can benefit from close tutelage.

In their live-streamed, entry-level lessons, students can expect to learn the core yogic postures and alignments, breathing methods and flow styles.

All of Jive Yoga Academy’s teachers are dedicated yoga masters who, together with their students, will develop a course of study suitable for the student’s level and goals.

The academy believes that yoga has manifold benefits for the body and mind and feels that private classes are the perfect forum for beginning students to develop their own rhythm, build strength and flexibility, and discover the possibilities of dedicated practice.

Interested students can book single lessons of 40 minutes duration or can sign up for a course of study ranging from 10 to 60 private lessons. All lessons are conducted via Zoom.

In addition to their new entry-level program, Jive Yoga Academy is also offering private live-streamed classes to intermediate and experienced yogis, including those who would like to embark upon their 200 hours of yoga teacher training.

The Academy is a Yoga Alliance Accredited school based in the spiritually renowned centre of Rishikesh, India, specialising in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga.

A spokesperson for the academy said, “Our comprehensive yoga classes are conducted by highly experienced and dedicated yoga masters who seek to infuse real traits of a Yogi in those who come to practice and study yoga with us.”

More information is available at https://jivayogaacademy.org

Jiva Yoga Academy
Jiva Yoga Academy

Tapovan, Rishikesh, India


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