PK 6th Grade Virtual Literacy Program – Reading/Writing Fluency Course Launched

The Reading Ranch, a tutorial center offering exclusive literacy programs and tutoring, has launched a virtual program for children in PK-6th grade. The program focuses on reading fluency, comprehension, writing, spelling and critical analysis.

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The recently launched virtual curriculum was developed by founder Dr. Southwell and focuses solely on literacy-based skills, setting the company apart from other competitors. The Virtual Literacy Program offers a variety of modules to boost children’s confidence, independence and academic ability.

Lessons are taught live by one of Reading Ranch’s expert instructors and are limited to just 1-3 students over a 50 minute session. This allows each child to receive quality, personalized instruction in real-time which, research shows, is the most effective way for pupils to learn.

All teachers are certified in the Reading Ranch scope and sequence methodology and are trained to deliver lessons using a multi-sensory teaching approach. The curriculum is phonetic based and built on current literacy research.

Catering for PK to 6th grade students, there are a range of courses on offer including, but not limited to, early reading and phonics, multi-sensory language enrichment, reading fluency, guided writing and critical thinking.

A 2nd-6th grade comprehension class focuses on using passages to explore story development, character analysis, vocabulary enhancement, author purpose and much more. Students can then advance to critical thinking (analysis and reasoning), a more in-depth approach to mastering comprehension and literary reflection.

Writing skills are also covered in courses from PreK – 6th grade. Pupils are provided with opportunities to improve handwriting, sentence structure and grammar skills through a series of interactive writing programs. Spelling rules, punctuation and vocabulary choices are also included as part of the writing curriculum on offer.

Unlike other online learning programs, the Reading Ranch works on a zero contract policy with programs available on a month-to-month basis.

With the latest announcement, the Reading Ranch continues to offer a premier online literacy education, both online and in person.

One satisfied customer said: “Working with the Reading Ranch has been absolutely amazing. My daughter, who has been diagnosed with dyslexia, has not only overcome hurdles in classroom, but has also gained the confidence she needed to break through her shell and shine. In just three months, she advanced an entire grade level in her reading.”

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