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With more families working from home as a result of the pandemic, reports suggest that a greater number of people are living in cluttered and untidy spaces. One of the main factors contributing to this is lack of time, and the Clutter Cutter Reno expansion ensures that local homeowners can benefit from an optimized environment.

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The Harvard Business Review has reported that information workers lose an average of two hours per week searching for paperwork. Clutter can also impact mental health and the daily living of families, and it’s here where the expanded service can help.

The professionals will remove all unwanted and unused items, including ornaments and unnecessary furniture. They will rearrange the space for optimal efficiency, and create an organized system for maintaining control in the home or office.

There are several benefits to decluttering, including improved focus and productivity. Studies show that a messy work environment is more likely to lead to a feeling of overwhelm, which in turn increases the likelihood of procrastination.

Clutter also has a direct correlation to the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression that people experience daily. Through getting in touch with the organization expert in Sun Valley, customers can reduce this stress and enjoy other benefits, like improved sleep and a healthier home environment.

The company was created by Vicki Vail, who is known for her neatness and time management built through a 20-year career as a litigation secretary. Cutter Clutter Reno was created to provide direct help to those who are struggling with an unorganized home.

Hiring a professional team for organization improves peace of mind because they can provide guidance on which items to repurpose, re-home, and sell. Clutter Cutter Reno encourages interested parties to get in touch to discuss their project.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Too much stuff and clutter weighs on our minds. It affects our daily moods and our sense of pride. Most people do not realize the mental stimulation all that stuff is doing to them, and it isn’t good. It’s an unhealthy burden.”

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