Getting Back to Normal: Food and Beverage Choose MIS/ERP Solutions for Packaging Manufacturing

According to Food Processing Magazine’s 2021 Food & Beverage Manufacturing Outlook, 58% of food manufacturers were optimistic about 2021, and 41% plan to increase production and add lines or plants.

As America dusts off and gets back to business as usual, what can the food and beverage industry expect to find in the next 18 months? A large percentage of F&Bs were impacted by the pandemic, however, demand for products in many, if not all, sectors is surging. Roaring ’20s, here we come.

Top goals of food packaging companies included replacing any manual, paper based processes with automation, adding sensors and deep data collection devices, and shifting management to the cloud. An MIS/ERP accomplishes all of this for food packaging plants.

An MIS/ERP solution eliminates paper processes

Paper based records are problematic in several ways. Manufacturers waste time and money controlling and managing documents. Paper is the leading cause of operational bottlenecks. Large quantities of physical documents are difficult and expensive to maintain, not to mention vulnerable to risks like theft, deterioration, and unforeseen disasters. Prone to human error, inefficient and inflexible, predisposed to decision lag are hidden costs of paper-based systems.

To avoid this, businesses must jump on the paperless trend and replace manual, paper-based processes with automated ones. Digitization implies a number of things: automating and eliminating manual collection; recording, analysis and communication of data. Becoming a paperless operation is one of the key deliverables of an MIS/ERP system.

MIS/ERP solutions connect BI with deep data

Streamline operations, provide connectivity between front office and plant operations and boost process efficiency while addressing safety, regulatory and quality demands with HiFlow’s food and beverage MIS/ERP.  HiFlow offers real-time shop floor data collected by human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software and manufacturing execution systems (MESs) to optimize workflows, improve OEE and gain complete visibility of production and quality control.

With digital sensors, F&B companies can take the deep data collected and apply it to best practices in quality and workflow management. Automation takes this raw data and brings it into analytics and business intelligence – also a robust feature of HiFlow – so that companies can make appropriate future decisions.

MIS/ERP solutions are cloud-based

Moving processes to the cloud, as opposed to server based systems is also a key goal for food and beverage companies. Today, the manufacturing industry must meet increasing demands for faster delivery and heightened production, as well as strict compliance to industry regulations. Cloud technology can help manufacturers meet these needs.

A comprehensive MIS/ERP system for F&B can offer robust features and offer cloud based convenience with remote licenses. Facilitate better communication, managing products throughout their life cycles and ensure compliance to F&B regulatory demands. Cloud-based manufacturing will be the industry’s future, and companies must lay the foundations. The question should no longer be why F&B manufacturers should use cloud computing, but how can they choose a vendor to implement it.


With an MIS/ERP solution for food and beverage manufacturers, you unlock automation, increase efficiency, enhance visibility and maximize performance in your operations—so you can deliver quality products and meet 2021’s increased customer demand.

HiFlow Solutions MIS/ERP Solutions for packaging manufacturers streamline business and plant operations in your packaging, label, flex-pack, commercial plant or book manufacturer with advanced features to help packaging manufacturers automate workflow and gain total visibility and control of their business processes. Now is the right time to make the move towards HiFlow MIS/ ERP Solutions for packaging manufacturing.  Contact HiFlow Solutions today.