Phillips Kaiser Makes Second Strategic Hire for Firm’s Groundbreaking Diversity Initiative, the Legacy Project

Houston, TexasPhillips Kaiser has hired Ashlee Boswell as an attorney and participant in The Legacy Project–a project dedicated to hiring and developing diverse lawyers in the corporate business law sector.

Boswell brings extensive experience in corporate transactional law, most recently as in-house counsel for an international chemical company. In her near-decade of experience, Boswell has acquired expertise in overseeing contract review, customizing contracts to fit the need of the client, creating custom contracts for specialized industries, contract negotiation and development and more.

She serves as a part-time hearing adjudication judge with the Houston Municipal Courts and serves as a planning and zoning commissioner for the city of Pearland.

With The Legacy Project, Boswell will engage in a three-year training program designed to mentor minority lawyers in a way that will equip them for success as attorneys the corporate/business law practice.

Gregory L. Phillips and fellow business partner Craig M. Kaiser founded the Legacy Project to increase the representation of lawyers of color in the corporate practice of law. The American Bar Association’s 2020 Profile of the Legal Profession Report found that only 5% of lawyers are African American or Black, 5% are Latinx, 2% are Asian and 1.3% are Indigenous. The numbers of diversity are even worse in corporate practice. While large firms have spent big money on diversity initiatives, these percentages have hardly changed in the last ten years.

Phillips and Kaiser are working to bridge this gap with the Legacy Project where they will hire and train a diverse group of lawyers in the areas of organizational awareness, standard of service requirements, and personal development plans. As the second official Legacy Project hire, Boswell will pioneer the program along with attorney Monique Steele Powell who was hired in June.

“We are very excited to have Ashlee join the Phillips Kaiser team,” says Phillips. “She…is the ideal candidate for the Legacy Project and has already made a significant contribution to several client projects. We look forward to her making many more.”

Phillips Kaiser, offers general counsel services to small, mid-sized and large businesses. To learn more about The Legacy Project, visit https:///

Gregory L. Phillips and Craig M. Kaiser are available for interviews.

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