QC Kinetix (Panama City) Now Offers Knee Replacement Alternatives in Panama City, Florida

QC Kinetix (Panama City) Helps Patients Looking to Avoid the Complications Associated With Knee Replacement Surgery

Panama City, FL – Athletes and non-athletes may develop knee injuries for different reasons, resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort that require immediate attention. Many people often choose the surgical path to address the problem. The major downside to the knee replacement surgery path is that it requires a lot of time for recovery. It can also be painful, has a high chance of complications, and isn’t guaranteed to be effective in addressing the original problem. To save people from these, QC Kinetix (Panama City) is offering an alternative to knee surgery.

The QC Kinetix (Panama City) alternative is both non-surgical and non-invasive. Clients can expect the specialists at the medical clinic to use modern technology to analyze their condition and provide a regenerative medicine plan that repairs the damages in their knee, reduces pain and inflammation, and also increases overall mobility and knee function.

Describing the medical clinic’s knee replacement alternatives, the spokesperson for the establishment said, “Many patients come to us after being told they need a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery. They’re searching for non-surgical, alternative pain treatments and are pleasantly surprised to report that the treatment they receive at QC Kinetix is almost painless, while others feel only minimal discomfort. After the treatment, you should feel much better due to improved collagen production and blood flow.”

The team at the orthopedic clinic is honest and straightforward. While the surgical alternative is effective for addressing knee replacement, hip replacement, and other joint needs, the specialist ensures that each patient is given the attention that is needed to determine whether they can enjoy its advantages. The type of treatment offered at QC Kinetix (Panama City) is not suitable for treating every type of injury or condition, and is only recommended if the patient has good chances of success.

Interested patients who wish to enjoy QC Kinetix (Panama City) knee replacement alternatives can take advantage of the medical clinic’s free initial consultation and examination service. The specialists have what it takes to make the right decision that will help patients. QC Kinetix (Panama City) also addresses other joints in the body, including the shoulders, elbows, wrists, low back, hip, ankle, and feet. The regenerative medicine specialists deal with pain and discomfort in all of those areas while maintaining a non-surgical approach that requires little to no recovery time.

Get started by contacting QC Kinetix (Panama City) via phone at (850) 270-3939 to schedule a free consultation meeting. For more information, visit the specialists at 609 E 6th Ct., Panama City, FL 32401, US, or visit their website.

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