Email Phishing Prevention & Detection Tool For Outlook, 365 and Mail clients

Digitpol, the cyber security firm has developed a custom Email Phishing Protection Plugin for Office 365, this plugin is the ultimate to detect and block phishing and spoofed emails from entering the users of any outlook or O365 suite. Digitpol’s plugin was developed after years of investigating email fraud and spoofing attacks also known as Business Email Compromise. When the plugin is active, it will detect in the email headers fraudulent emails, changes in inbound emails, even an IP address change we will detect it. Fraudulent emails are blocked and an alert is sent to the appointed administration.

To order it, Digitpol first needs to be sure your systems are ready, according to Digitpol, In order to avail of this plugin we first test your network to ensure your safe, secure and ready, after that we will have a consultation with you on-site or by video to ensure you have installed it correctly.

The cost is low, it is 15 Euro per user per year (plus tax). For SME and larger organizations contact us by email for a quote. When you make the order, we will contact you and schedule the meeting with your IT team or a single user, either in person or online, after that we will send you the download link.

More information is on their website


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