BRANDThink, LLC is a leading brand strategy specialist in New York City, NY

New York City, NY – BRANDThink, LLC is a leading branding strategy consulting firm in New York City, NY, and Boston with vast experience helping B2B and B2C clients across all industries build brand strength and increase market performance and equity value. These architects of high-value and high-performing brands focus on assisting clients in developing differentiated brand positioning that will own their audience’s hearts and minds. They achieve this by conducting a rigorous assessment of brand strength and positioning and its alignment with market dynamics and stakeholder objectives to accelerate market performance and increase brand equity and value. BRANDThink positions businesses for success.

“We leverage our proprietary brand strength assessment and indexing tools and a unique methodology born of a history in brand development and investment banking, a rare combination if you can find it. It takes a diverse, highly experienced, and very creative group of brand builders and business strategists who understand the creative side of branding and the practical reality of managing an income statement.” Said Lysle Wickersham, co-Founder of BRANDThink.

BRANDThink is an ideal choice for companies with brand-centric operating philosophies and those that recognize the significant returns of investing in their brand as a means to improve business performance and investment outcomes. Regardless of industry, BRANDThink New York Branding Strategy Agency collaborates with general businesses, ad agencies, and private equity and venture capital firms to optimize performance and returns.

BRANDThink, LLC provides companies with the ability to build their performance, revenue, and relevance through bespoke consulting services. It leverages its cloud-based brand strength evaluation, scoring, and brand management tools. BRANDThink has a range of offerings designed to create and position high-performance and high-value brands for general businesses and value creation and due/pre diligence for private equity and venture capital.

The marketing consultant, BRANDThink, LLC is located in New York, NY, 10023, and Boston. Contact them via phone at (781) 864-2934. For more information about their capabilities, visit their website.

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